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Top 3 Online Resources for Every LARPer

Top 3 Online Resources for Every LARPer

There are a ton of resources for LARP out on the internet. Most of them are pretty good, some of them are absolutely amazing, and some of them are scary wastelands of terror. I'm not here to judge anyone. My little LARP blog probably goes towards the end of that list, but I do know of some places that you can find absolutely amazing resources for just about any kind of LARP you play. 

Today, I'm going to focus on 3 places that I go for help figuring out how to gear up and impress my LARP friends. I have to admit, my kit has fallen to the dogs over the years, and I'm working to get it all back up into tip-top shape. Time to practice what I preach, right? 

Without further adieu, here is your list:

1: r/LARP

My /r/LARP Dashboard
Reddit is a community made up of thousands of people. It's one part social network, one part link aggregation. There are times when you have to sift through some scary to find the diamonds in the coal, but the /LARP subreddit is absolutely one of those diamonds. 

It caters to all kinds of LARPs, although lately it's seemed to be on a bit of a Fantasy Role-play bent. There are great links to all kinds of LARP related tutorials, videos, blogs, and Facebook Groups. 

I've found a ton of interesting things that I can't wait to try out this spring. 

Even better is that it isn't just about the player's perspective. There are some great conversations about things ranging from weapon safety to running events, fighter practices and pot luck dinners. 

It's a great source of info for veteran players, newbies, and complete outsiders alike. 


LARPCraft is a great website. It is dedicated to it's own gaming system, but the community is good and their videos are fantastic. They are full of practical advice, safety tips and tutorials that can be applied to a lot of games. I'm especially fond of their LARP Gear Reviews. I could go on about their site, but I think I'll just let you watch one of their videos to see for yourself how cool these guys are:

3: Craft Tutorials

If you need to make it for your medieval LARP character, chances are there is a tutorial for that here. These guys cover everything from armor to bedrolls and they're tutorials are pretty easy to follow along with. I've spent a lot of time scavenging the deep corners of cyberspace looking for some of the things these guys have put out there. I'd be a horrible, bad man, if I didn't send you to them. It will save you a lot of painful google searches through old SCA websites that aren't available anymore. 

Trust me. Its a great resource. 

If you're a complete newbie, then you should start with their extremely basic costume tutorial

So Much More

There are so many more great resources out there. These are really just the tip of the iceberg. The internet is a vast, amazing place filled with untapped potential for the discerning LARPer. 

What are your favorite online resources? The best LARP blogs or tutorial sites? 

If you've got a hot site, please, send me a comment and let me know. I'd love to check it out. 

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